"Alchemists turn lead into gold and make money.
Wargamers make money, then turn their gold into lead."

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Crisis 2024


Frequently Asked Questions


When can we set up at Crisis 2024?

You can set-up on Friday starting from 4 PM. If you show up earlier we cannot guarantee that your stand is up and ready yet.


Until what time can I get in on Friday?

Tin Soldiers will be present until 10 PM.


When can we set up on Saturday?

You can set up from 7 until 9.45 AM. Teams will be ready to help you if needed.


Can we still pay our fee on the day itself?

Most of you will have received our invoice before the day itself. For reason of timing we prefer you pay in advance. If however you still prefer to pay on the day, please do so as soon as you get in and head straight for our info stand. There you will get your invoice as a proof of payment. Do tell us though in advance that you will be paying on the day.


When is the venue?

You probably already know it's the 7th of November. Opening hours are from 10 AM until 5 PM.


What happens at 5 o'clock?

We politely ask the punters to leave the venue. If you need help to get your stuff in your car/truck, do not hesitate to ask one or several of the Tin Soldiers. Please put chairs on the ground together and fold the tables, put any garbage together to be picked up by our teams. Make it as neat and compact as possible.


What about 2025?

Saturday November ??th 2025. Same place, same time!