"Alchemists turn lead into gold and make money.
Wargamers make money, then turn their gold into lead."

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Crisis 2017

Bring & Sell

General information

Cr i s i s   2 0 1 7

November 4th 2017

10 A.M. - 5 P.M.

HANGAR 29 Waagnatie
Rijnkaai 150
2000 Antwerpen


Trade stands:
Please contact Willie Bogaerts (willieb@skynet.be)
Registration closes July 31st.

Club demos:
Please contact Johan Van Acker (johanva@skynet.be)
Registration closes August 31st.

Advertisements in Crisis Gazette and sponsoring:
Please contact Johan Vaneecke (johan.vaneecke@skynet.be)
Registration closes August 31st.


Hangar 29 Waagnatie Hangar 29 Waagnatie

GPS address
HANGAR 29 Waagnatie
Rijnkaai 150
2000 Antwerpen


Entrance 12€

Under 14 free if accompanied by at least one adult.

Package deal: Entrance ticket + 7 coins (value 8,40) for 20.