"Alchemists turn lead into gold and make money.
Wargamers make money, then turn their gold into lead."

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Crisis 2017

Bring & Sell

Bring & Sell

Due to the immeasurable success of this second-hand fair we've decided to give it another direction. Starting from 2010 everything will become a lot simpler! No more waiting in line to buy something or endless queuing to get your stuff registered. No more commissions on your sold merchandise and most importantly no more missed sales because you couldn't accept an alternative offer from a potential buyer.

Starting this year we're simply offering you trade-tables for a moderate fee, which will give you the chance to do your own selling without any go-betweens.

Table fees

1 meter €10
2 meter €30
3 meter €60
4 meter €100

4 meter (100 Euro) is at the same time the maximum space offered to a single person. Smart people -all wargamers thus- will have immediately spotted that it is much cheaper to get 4 one meter stands instead of the full 4 meters all at once, which is exactly what we're aiming at. That way anyone can rent a meter for his/her own use, whilst other club members or friends do the same. One or two attend the tables and it is easy enough to switch places during the event so that everyone gets a chance to visit the fleshpots of Crisis or play a participation game.

That maximum table space will ensure that as many attendees as possible will get a chance at selling material on what will almost certainly will become the biggest second-hand wargame market in Europe. The final allotment of tables will always be at the discretion of TSA.

First come, first served
Sorry, no reservations.